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EP1156 Invasive extramammary paget of the vulva: a case report
  1. I Chelea
  1. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Hospital Universitario de Torrevieja, Torrevieja, Spain


Introduction/Background Extramammary Paget diseases includes a set of rare entities. Among those, invasive Paget´s disease of the vulva is a rare disease, accounting for <1% of all vulvar malignancies. It can be classified into primary and secondary, according to immunohistochemistry. There are three entities into the primary group: intraepithelial Paget´s disease, invasive Paget and Paget´s disease as a manifestation of an underlying adenocarcinoma of a skin appendage or a vulvar gland. In this communication we describe a case of invasive Paget of the vulva.

Methodology A 73 years old woman came to our hospital because of an asymptomatic irregular lump in the vulva that had appeared several years ago. The result of the biopsy was Paget's disease with no invasion. The TC scan informed about a tumor of about 6 cm in diameter with no lymphatic nodes affected. We performed a radical hemivulvectomy with sentinel lymph node evaluation with technetium.

Results The intraoperative study of the sentinel node was negative. The patient could be discharged 3 days after surgery. The final results of the pathological examination of the hemivulvectomy informed about Paget disease with invasion lesser than 1 mm with tumor free edges, and the final pathological report of the sentinel node was isolated malignant cells. FIGO stage IIIA.

Conclusion Paget's disease of the vulva is a rare entity than sometimes can be confused with squamous cell cancer because of its clinical presentation, but we have to suspect it and dismiss it order to be able to bring the best treatment to our patients.

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