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EP1143 Psychological portrait of women after hydatidiform mole evacuation
  1. N Tsip1,
  2. M Lyzogub2 and
  3. V Zaviryukha3
  1. 1Oncogynaecological, National Cancer Institute
  2. 2National Bogomolets Medical University
  3. 3Psychological, Kyiv National Economic University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction/Background The aim of this study was to explore the psychological symptoms of patients after hydatidiform mole evacuation.

Methodology 30 patients with morphologically verified diagnosis of hydatidiform mole aged from 21 to 35 years were examined. The personality dispositions were studied by using the clinical interview. SF-36, WPPF and test-assessment of stress-strain to global changes were used to define the attitude of patients to their ‘I’, ‘Health’. To study the level of personal and situational anxiety, as well as the structure of each patient's anxiety Spielberg-Khanin test was used.

Results According to the study in patients were identified high level of personal (76,3 ± 6,53)% and the situational anxiety (78,7 ± 6,4)%, resentment (77 ± 5,72) %, fear (49,2 ± 7,9)% and anger (47,5 ± 4,56)%. The analysis revealed the presence of psychosomatic disorders in (95,43 ± 8,2)% of patients. The most frequent manifestations of such violations: the need for empathy - at (84,3 ± 9,03)%, depreciation of themselves as women - at (69,7 ± 5,2)%, the rejection of sexuality - at (52,1 ± 6,1)%, a tendency to blame themselves - at (37,2 ± 4,3)% and isolation - at (43,1 ± 4,7)%.

Most of the surveyed allocate altruistic, family life and existential categories of meanings.

Particular attention is drawn to the fact that the vast majority of patients (79,5 ± 5,4)% observed low degree of resistance to stress.

Conclusion These results testify the importance of medical and psychological support of patients after hydatidiform mole evacuation based on positive psychotherapy and self-control techniques.

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