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EP1133 Duration of chemotherapy for normalization of BHCG and treatment outcomes of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia at a tertiary cancer centre in Saudi Arabia
  1. F Azam,
  2. W Al-Selwi,
  3. W Taha AbdelGhafar,
  4. A Zahralliyali,
  5. A AlWbari,
  6. N Bukhari and
  7. F Ibnshamsah
  1. Adult Oncology, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Introduction/Background Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN) constitutes rare group of benign and malignant neoplasia. BHCG (Beta human chorionic gonadotropins) is serum tumor marker that indicates a treatment response. This study is aimed to evaluate treatment outcomes, epidemiologic profiles and duration of chemotherapy for normalization of BHCG for (GTN) patients.

Methodology This retrospective study included GTN patients treated with chemotherapy at King Fahad specialist Hospital during the period January 2016-December 2018. Clinical data were collected patients electronic and paper files

Results Total of 22 patients with GTN received chemotherapy during the study period. Median age was 32 (18–53) years. 17 cases (77%) were diagnosed as GTN following molar pregnancy, and 5 (23%) cases were identified after abortion. GTN Stages of I, II, III and IV on diagnosis were noted in 12, 1, 7 and 2 patients respectively. According to WHO prognostic scoring system, 16 (72%) patients were classified as low risk, and 6(28%) as high risk. Intramuscular Methotrexate was the most frequently used first-line single-agent chemotherapy (n=16, 72%) for low risk disease, and EMACO regimen was the most frequently used combination chemotherapy (n=6, 28%) for high risk disease. The median number of chemotherapy cycles were 6 (1–16) and median duration of chemotherapy resulting in normalization of BHCG was 3 (1–8) months. Only 3 patients developed resistance to single agent chemotherapy and were switched to second line combination chemotherapy with median duration for normalization of BHCG of 6 months after chemotherapy switch over. 19 patients achieved complete response with first line and only 3 (14%) patients needed 2ndline EMACO chemotherapy. All patients achieved complete response and currently on follow up.

Conclusion All patients achieved complete response with chemotherapy. Median duration of chemotherapy for normalization of BHCG was 3 months and 6 cycles. Only 3 patients required 2ndline chemotherapy after single agent chemotherapy in 1stline.

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