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EP1127 Compared the expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress and their adaptive molecule mRNA in endometriosis and gynecologic cancer
  1. HR Ju1,
  2. Y Gen1,
  3. SI Kim1,
  4. MK Baek1,
  5. TS Lee2,
  6. SG Yeo3 and
  7. DC Park1
  1. 1Obgyn, St. Vincent Hospital, The Catholic University, Suwon
  2. 2SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center
  3. 3Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Introduction/Background Endometriosis is most serious disease which combined chronic inflammatory process and invasion and those are very similar characteristics with invasive cancer. However the precise pathogenesis is not still clear. We compared the expression pattern of ER stress and their adaptive molecule mRNA in Endometriosis and gynecologic cancer to investigate the inflammatory mechanism.

Methodology Specimens were obtained peritoneal fluid from 33 patients with benign tumor without endometriosis, 44 patients of endometriosis, and 40 patients of gynecologic cancer. The levels of expression of various ER stress transcription factor were assessed quantitatively using real-time RT-PCR.

Results The mRNA expression of sXBP1 and ATF6 were significantly higher in gynecologic cancer group than control or endometriosis group (p<0.05). And the expression of CHOP and BIP were significantly lower in gynecologic cancer group (p<0.05). On the contrary, in endometrial group, only ATF6 was increased than control group (p<0.05). Also, ATF6 is associated with severity of endometriosis or CA125 elevation.

Conclusion ATF6 is likely to be involved in inflammatory reaction of both endometriosis and gynecologic cancers. Also, ATF6 is associated with severity of endometriosis or CA125 elevation. Therefore, it is suggested that the ER stress mRNA affects inflammatory reaction and the pathophysiology of endometriosis.

Disclosure No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

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