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EP1114 Assessment of quality of life after diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic-oncology patients: review of the literature
  1. M Tanturovski,
  2. I Aluloski,
  3. V Jovanovska,
  4. S Stojcevski and
  5. D Tanturovski
  1. Gynecologic Oncology, University Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Skopje, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedomia


Introduction/Background To sum up a part of the published results from studies focused on quality of life in populations of patients treated for gynecological cancer.

Methodology The PubMed index was searched to identify relevant studies and abstracts published in English in the past 16 years (2000–2016). The following keywords were used: gynecologic cancer, long term effects, survivor-ship, quality of life, psycho-social adjustment.

Results Of the initially identified 117 studies, only 24 publications met the inclusion criteria. There is a higher incidence of depression and anxiety in the population of patients undergoing treatment for gynecologic malignancies. This higher incidence is probably a result of the associated toxicity of the treatment as well as the poor prognosis in some of these patients. Factors influence the quality of life most negatively in the period from diagnosis until the end of treatment. Quality of life worsens significantly more in patients during treatment for gynecologic cancer compared to treatment for other non-gynecologic malignancies, but usually starts to improve in the first 6–12 months and stabilizes at base level approximately 2 years after treatment. The quality of life in patients with no relapses is comparable to that of the general population of healthy women.

Conclusion Further prospective studies focused on the effects of possible psychosocial treatment on the quality of life and prognostic factors in these patients should be conducted. The results of such studies could help these patients cope with the challenges posed by the diagnosis itself, as well as the associated treatment toxicity.

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