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EP1092 Predictors of gas passage time interval at postoperative period in gynecologic oncologic surgery: is drainage necessary?
  1. M Api1,
  2. S Akiş1,
  3. YE Purut1,
  4. E Keleş1,
  5. Y Ceylan2,
  6. C Kabaca Kocakuşak1,
  7. M Güray Uzun1 and
  8. B Giray1
  1. 1Gynecologic Oncology, Zeynep Kamil Training and Research Hospital
  2. 2Medicine, Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction/Background Drain placement remains controversial and there has been nearly no prospective studies evaluating the effectiveness on the gynecologic oncology cases. While some surgeons put on drains most of the cases after surgery, the literature search on general surgery and gynecologic cases suggest that the benefits are questionable. The aim is to assess the effectiveness of drain placement in patients who have underwent gynecologic oncology surgery for benign or malign diseases.

Methodology Quasi randomized 144 patients were divided into two groups; 75 of them were placed drainage (D) and 89 of them without drainage (WD).The subsequent parameters; operation time, BMI and age were recorded and mobilization time, oral intake and gas discharge after surgery were evaluated.

Results Mean ± SD operation time (136.2 ± 50.84 vs 123.64 ± 45.48, minutes p= 0.126), age (45.56 ± 12.82 vs 45.91 ± 14.28 years, p= 0.876), BMI (27.23 ± 6.37 vs 27.98 ± 4.93 kg/m2, p= 0.436) and oral intake after the operation (9.88 ± 12.03 vs 7.17 ± 1.96 hours, p= 0.058), was not statistically significant between D group and WD group respectively. Mean ± SD gas discharge time after the operation was 20.92 ± 14.74 and 16.86 ± 8.62 hours in D group and WD group respectively (p= 0.048). Mobilization time (7.08 ± 1.56 vs 6.09 ± 1.54 hour, p<0.001) was statistically significant and differed between D and WD groups respectively. There was no drain related complications or re-operations reported.

Conclusion There was obvious advantage of not using drain in gynecologic oncology patients in terms of gas discharge time and mobilization time without compromising morbidity.

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