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EP1091 Possible influencing the quality of life of patients with endometrial cancer and cervical cancer after radical treatment
  1. M Adamyan,
  2. T Moiseenko,
  3. A Menshenina,
  4. S Tumanyan,
  5. E Verenikina and
  6. N Popova
  1. Rostov Research Institute of Oncology, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation


Introduction/Background Modern therapeutic possibilities allow achieving high rates of survival in patients with some oncogynecological diseases. In this regard, the problem of medical and social rehabilitation of patients who have completed radical treatment is particularly acute. The purpose of the study was to assess prospects of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) in patients of the reproductive age with cervical (CC) and endometrial (EC) cancer.

Methodology Clinical and laboratory data and survey findings of 736 patients of the reproductive age with CC Ib-IIb and EC I-IIa (FIGO system), STRAW scale + 10: (-4) - (-3a).

In accordance with the clinic-based algorithm of managing postovariectomy syndrome, rehabilitation of patients began 48 hours before the surgery by the appointment of deposited androgens. 3–4 weeks after surgery, combined MHT (estrogen+progesterone) or phytoestrogen therapy was prescribed upon the consent of patients: 501 patients preferred MHT, 197 patients - phytoestrogen therapy, 48 patients - symptomatic treatment. The quality of life of patients was assessed by a questionnaire survey during 5 years of the follow-up monitoring.

Results None of the observed 736 patients had recurrences or metastases of the primary disease. MHT ensured a good quality of life in all patients. Phytoestrogens did not completely compensate for the hormonal imbalance. Symptomatic therapy did not allow control of the postovariectomy syndrome and was accompanied by the development of somatic and psycho-emotional disorders.

Conclusion Combined MHT in CC and EC patients of reproductive age, the STRAW scale + 10: (-4) - (-3a), after radical treatment does not affect the disease prognosis and maintains the quality of life at a comfortable level.

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