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EP1062 Hyperplastic processes in hormone-dependent organs in women after IVF
  1. F Ayupova,
  2. D Mirzaeva and
  3. D Saidjalilova
  1. Obstetric and Gynecology, Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Introduction/Background The main complications of IVF are ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which increases the risk of hyperplastic processes in the female reproductive system. However, the protocol for the management of women with IVF does not take into account the dynamic control of possible hyperplastic processes of the female organs. Therefore, the frequency of the risk of ovarian cancer may increase against the background of stimulation of superovulation.

Methodology Examined 116 patients after IVF. Depending on the outcome of IVF, women were divided into 2 groups: the first was 52 patients with successful IVF; the second - 64 patients with an unsuccessful outcome of IVF. Depending on reference, women are divided into 2 subgroups: A subgroup consisted of women who were traditionally led; B subgroup consisted of women using anti-proliferative progestogens.

Results In group 1, women of subgroup A, when stimulating ovulation in the IVF program, increased the frequency of formation of hyperplastic processes: uterine myoma were detected in 10%, endometrial hyperplasia in 11%, yellow body cyst in 21% of women. Whereas, in subgroup B uterine myoma was detected in 5% of women, endometrial hyperplasia in 4%, yellow cyst in 19%. In group 2 in women of subgroup A, hyperplastic processes were detected after 3 months in 19% of women, 6 months in 24% of women. Whereas in the subgroup B hyperplastic processes were observed after 3 months only 3% of women; 6 months - at 8%.

Conclusion After stimulation of ovulation with IVF after 1, 3, 6, 12 months, it is necessary to conduct an examination of the reproductive organs in women to identify hyperplastic processes. If pregnancy has not occurred during IVF, then over the next month, recommend the use of contraceptives with an anti-proliferative gestagen to prevent hypergonadotropic state.

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