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EP1050 Effects of an 8-week stress management program in women with breast cancer: a randomized controlled trial
  1. A Koumarianou,
  2. T Seliniotaki,
  3. F Bacopoulou,
  4. K Kampoli,
  5. G Chrousos,
  6. A Ntavatzikos,
  7. C Tsionou and
  8. C Darviri
  1. Attikon University Hospital, Hematology Oncology Unit, Fourth Department of Internal Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece


Introduction/Background Stress management programs have demonstrated benefits for patients with breast cancer, but their adoption in clinical practice is limited mainly due to the absence of necessary resources. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of an 8-week stress management program carried out by one psychologist, in women treated for breast cancer.

Methodology In this randomized controlled trial patients were allocated to two groups (control and intervention groups) that received standard care; women in the intervention group also participated in an 8-week stress management program. Intervention included stress and diet related psychoeducation, diaphragmatic breathing, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and cognitive reconstruction. Anthropometric and psychological measurements were carried out in both groups, pre- and post-intervention, using a battery of questionnaires.

Results A total of 53 patients participated in the study (27 in the intervention group). Parametric analysis revealed statistically significant differences post-intervention in body mass index (p=0.040) and quality of life including global health status (0.019), emotional functioning (p=0.024), cognitive functioning (p=0.041) and diarrhea (p=0.012). There was a statistically significant effect between role functioning and type of surgery (partial or total mastectomy) (p=0.030) with major benefits identified in the subgroup of patients that had undergone mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

Conclusion This stress management program, carried out by a single health professional, significantly improved psychosomatic health parameters of patients with breast cancer. Further implementation of similar supportive approaches in cancer units are warranted.

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