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EP1032 Late vaginal recurrence of ovarian serocyst adenocarcinoma
  1. S Yazdani1,
  2. M Abedisamakoush2,
  3. F Mohammadian Amiri1 and
  4. H Ghorbani1
  1. 1Babol University of Medical Siences, Babol
  2. 2Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Islamic Republic of Iran


Introduction/Background Most patients with epithelial ovarian cancer are diagnosed at high stages of the disease. Therefore, the recurrence of ovarian cancer, which is usually diagnosed with clinical symptoms, tumor markers or imaging techniques, is commonly found in these patients. This report is an interesting case of late recurrence of epithelial ovarian cancer in the vaginal cuff area, diagnosed with a clinical examination.

Methodology A 68-year-old woman who had undergone hysterectomy, ovarian and ovarian cancer staging surgeries 10 years ago due to ovarian mass was under 8-period chemotherapy based on a pathology report of serocyst adenocarcinoma.

Lately, she referred with a complaint of weight loss and vaginal bleeding, and a large mass which covered the vagina and extended to the vaginal cuff was diagnosed in the examination. Abdominal and pelvic sonography was normal. During surgery, the entire mass with a size of 4*8*10 was removed from the vaginal cuff area and sent to the laboratory for pathology. A recent pathology report showed the recurrence of serocyst-adenocarcinoma (figure 1). The patient was referred for chemoradiotherapy

Conclusion Although, in a study, the average duration of recurrence of ovarian cancer was 17 months and the most common sites of recurrence were in peritoneum, patients with a history of epithelial ovarian cancer might experience late metastasis. Hence, the symptoms of patients should be paid more attention and vaginal examinations in addition to other examinations should be performed during each visit to diagnose an unusual recurrence like this.

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