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P04 Serum concentration of selected molecules involved in angiogenesis in different breast cancer subtypes
  1. D Balalis1,
  2. S Kokkali2,
  3. N Koufopoulos3,
  4. P Provatopoulou4,
  5. E Kalogera4,
  6. G Bletsa4,
  7. I Misitzis5,
  8. D Dimas5,
  9. N Arkadopoulos6,
  10. C Spiliopoulou7 and
  11. D Vlachodimitropoulos7
  1. 1Surgery Department
  2. 2First Medical Oncology, Saint-Savvas Anticancer Hospital
  3. 32nd Pathology Department, Attikon University Hospital, Medical School of Athens
  4. 4Research Center, Hellenic Anticancer Institute
  5. 5Breast Cancer Surgical Department, Saint-Savvas Anticancer Hospital
  6. 6Surgery Department, Attikon University Hospital
  7. 7Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece


Introduction/Background Angiogenesis is a hallmark of BC. Heparin-binding-EGF-like (HB-EGF) belongs to epidermal growing factors (EGF) family and binds to EGFR. In combination to platelet-derived growing factor (PDGF) it induces tumor growth. In triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) HB-EGF is associated with aggressiveness. VEGF co-receptor neurolipin-1 is also involved in VEGF pathway.

Methodology We measured serum levels of VEGF, HB-EGF, PDGF and neuropilin-1 in patients diagnosed with early BC in Saint-Savvas Hospital and healthy donors (HD), using ELISA. All individuals signed an informed consent.

Results Sixty patients with early BC and 20 HD were included. Serum concentrations of all biomarkers were higher in patients versus HD (table 1). The four biomarkers were analyzed across BC subtypes (table 2). VEGF, HB-EGF and PDGF were lower in HER2-overexpressing versus non-HER2 over-expressing subtypes. In contrast, neuropilin-1 was higher in HER2-overexpressing subtype. Patients with TNBC presented the highest level of VEGF and HB-EGF.

Conclusion Concentration of angiogenic molecules seem to differ across BC subtypes. TNBC patients have high levels of growing factors and lower levels of neuropilin-1. Angiogenesis seems to play an important role in TNBC.

Abstract P04 Table 1

Serum concentration of the 4 biomarkers in breast cancer patients and healthy donors. Concentrations are expressed in mean value and range

Abstract P04 Table 2

Serum concentration of the 4 biomarkers in breast cancer patients across different histotypes. Concentrations are expressed in mean value and range

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