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EP984 Granulosa-cell tumors during ovarian stimulation
  1. L Shirinzadeh
  1. Fellowship of Gynecologic Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran


Introduction/Background Ovarian superovulation and increased follicle-stimulating hormone concentrations in the treatment of infertility may be the risk factors of the developed granulosa-cell tumor. This is a question that the answer is unclear and requires further studies. The aim of this report is to introduce a case of the granulosa-cell tumor which was discovered after ovarian stimulation.

Methodology A 31- year-old woman with the clinical presentation of massive abdominal distention was referred to oncology department of our academic hospital of Medical Sciences in 2017. She had history of secondary infertility and she was undergoing In Vitro Fertilization protocol and ovarian stimulation) in Aug 2017 but, the cycle was cancelled. She suffered from gradual abdominal distention one month after the end of IVF procedure despite of failure of pregnancy. After 2–3 months of management ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome investigation revealed large ovarian mass and increased tumor marker of inhibin.

Results This led to explorative laparotomy that revealed stage III ovarian cancer. Report of final pathology indicated juvenile granulosa cell tumor. So, optimal surgical staging and cytoreductiv surgery without fertility preserving was perfumed. du- to advanced stage of ovarian cancer chemotherapy commended Unfortunately less than six months, she experienced metastatic diseases in pelvic and abdomen and currently receiving second line chemotherapy.

Conclusion Persistent ovarian enlargement or ascites during or after infertility treatment should be carefully considered and managed.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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