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EP959 Fertility-sparing surgery in patients with early stage clear cell carcinoma of the ovary – is it safe to offer?
  1. M Qi,
  2. I Aggarwal and
  3. YK Lim
  1. Department of Gynecological Oncology, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore, Singapore


Introduction/Background Fertility-sparing surgery (FSS) in stage I ovarian clear cell carcinoma (CCC) is not commonly offered due to concern about poorer outcomes despite paucity of evidence. The aim of this study is to review oncological outcomes of CCC patients treated with fertility sparing surgery, to provide evidence to guide practice.

Methodology Clinical data of all CCC patients treated with FSS and followed-up in a single tertiary hospital were collected and used for analysis.

Results Over the period from 2005 to 2018, there were in total 180 cases of stage I CCC treated in this hospital, of which five cases underwent FSS. The mean age of FSS patients at diagnosis was 33.6 years. Two cases were stage Ia and the other three Ic. Four cases received adjuvant chemotherapy. During the follow-up (median: 6 years), there was no recurrence. One patient conceived spontaneously and had term live birth, 6 years after completion of treatment. Overall survival of stage I CCC patients treated in this hospital during the same period was 92.8% and disease-free survival 88.3%.

Conclusion In the present cohort, FSS in selected early stage CCC of ovary did not have a negative impact on oncologic outcome. Further large-scale studies are needed to confirm the safety.

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