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EP957 Inflammation biomarkers and differential diagnosis of pelvic tumors: an observational study
  1. V Psomiadou1,
  2. A Prodromidou1,
  3. E Galati1,
  4. I Kostakis2,
  5. N Blontzos1,
  6. F Lefkopoulos1,
  7. C Iavazzo1 and
  8. G Vorgias1
  1. 1Metaxa Cancer Hospital, Piraeus, Greece
  2. 2Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Introduction/Background Carcinogenesis and systemic inflammation have been correlated and the ratios of white blood cell and platelet counts have been suggested to have a prognostic significance in ovarian tumor patients. The purpose of our study was to estimate the prognostic value of inflammation biomarkers in ovarian mass patients.

Methodology We retrospectively assessed the potential relationship between neutrophil-to-lymphocyte (NLR), platelet-to-lymphocyte (PLR), lymphocyte-to-monocyte (LMR), neutrophils-to-monocyte (NMR), and monocytes-to-platelets (MPR) and malignancy in patients admitted in the Department of Gynaecology of Metaxa Memorial Cancer Hospital due to adnexal mass.

Results NLR and PLR were found to be significantly higher and LMR significantly lower in patients with malignancy. Platelet and lymphocyte count was also higher in these patients in comparison with those in patients with borderline tumors. On the other hand, white blood cell count, neutrophil-to-monocyte ratio, platelet-to-neutrophil ratio and platelet-to-monocyte ratio did not differ significantly. Cut-off points for identifying malignancy were estimated to be ≥2.4 for NLR, ≥181.1 for PLR and ≤4.55 for LMR.

Conclusion Differential diagnosis between malignant and benign adnexal masses can be assisted by inflammation biomarkers. Larger prospective studies are needed in order to confirm these findings and strengthen the use of these inexpensive and easy to calculate ratios.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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