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EP922 Dependence between the degree of endogenous intoxication and levels of serological markers in ovarian cancer
  1. T Moiseenko,
  2. S Tumanyan,
  3. E Frantsiyants,
  4. A Menshenina,
  5. E Verenikina,
  6. D Yakubova and
  7. V Nikitina
  1. Rostov Research Institute of Oncology, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation


Introduction/Background The timely use of various detoxification therapy methods during multi-course chemotherapy in patients with ovarian cancer (OC) can reduce the number of side effects and complications. To determine an association between levels of tumor markers and degrees of endogenous intoxication (EI), we studied and compared changes in serum levels of CA125 and HE4 tumor markers in patients with advanced OC with varying EI severity.

Methodology The study included laboratory data on 44 patients, mean age 58 years, with stage III–IV epithelial OC who received surgical treatment followed by chemotherapy. Integral indices of EI (leukocyte index of intoxication, body reactivity index, neutrophil reactive response, hematological index of intoxication) calculated by the haemogram test results were analyzed before treatment.

Results 11.5% of patients did not have laboratory signs of EI. 31.8% showed weak EI, 47.8% - medium EI, 8.9% - severe EI. In 75% of patients, EI was accompanied by decreased total body reactivity and uncompensated EI. Patients with CA125=35–120 U/mL and HE4=120–200 pmol/L showed weak EI, patients with CA125=120–600 U/mL and HE4=200–800 pmol/L - moderate EI (p>0.05). Patients with severe EI had levels of CA125 and HE4 tumor markers exceeding the 1000 mark (p>0.05).

Conclusion We revealed a stable correlation between CA125 and HE4 and the degree of EI (r=0.87) (p<0.05) allowing combination of chemotherapy in OC patients with medical and instrumental methods of EI reduction.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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