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EP847 CA 125 as a prognostic marker for the stage of patients with ovarian carcinoma
  1. A Ganovska and
  2. S Kovachev
  1. Military Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria


Introduction/Background Ovarian carcinomas rank 5th as the cause of death from oncological diseases in women. Because of the lack of specific clinical symptoms, they are most often diagnosed at a later stage.The purpose of the study we conducted was to determine the dependence of the preoperative values of CA 125 and the clinical stage in patients with ovarian carcinomas.

Methodology The study is retrospective for one year (2017–2018). In the study were included 48 patients aged 39 to 78 years with histologically proven ovarian carcinoma. All patients were operated with subsequent histological examination. Laboratory tests were performed prior to surgical intervention and serum CA 125 levels were assessed. Depending on the CA 125 values, patients were divided into two groups: group 1 with elevated values and group 2 with normal values.

Results In 38 (79.2%) patients, preoperative CA 125 levels were elevated, and 10 (20.8%) women were found within the reference range. In group 1 the distribution of patients according to the ovarian carcinoma stage is as follows: Stage I - 11 (22.9%) women; Stage II - 3 (6.3%) women, stage III - 15 (31.3%) women, stage IV - 9 (18.8%) women. In group 2 the distribution of patients according to the ovarian carcinoma stage is as follows: I stage - 6 (12.4%) women; Stage II - 1 (2.1%) women, III stage - 1 (2.1%) women, IV stage - 2 (4.1%) women. After the statistical treatment of the results, no relationship was established between the CA 125 values and the ovarian carcinoma stage.

Conclusion CA 125 is a non-specific marker in the diagnosis of ovarian carcinomas, as it can be elevated in a number of benign diseases.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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