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EP836 Clinical applicability of simplified PCI in advanced ovarian cancer staging and correlation with CT SPCI
  1. A Elagwany
  1. Alex Uni, Alex, Egypt


Introduction/Background Optimal cytoreduction surgery in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer is related staging that can be evaluated by CT and laparoscopy CT PCI evaluate anatomic affection and lesion size in 13 sites while a simplified PCI has been used in colorectal cancer and evaluates the lesion size and 7 anatomic regions it is used for measuring the amount and distribution of metastatic disease in peritoneal cavity on CT and laparotomy.

Methodology This was a prospective study performed over 60 patients with stage III epithelial ovarian cancer and excluding those with history of chemo-radiotherapy. the patients were evaluated before surgery within one week for CT SPCI over 7 regions (pelvis, rt lower abdomen, omentum and transverse colon and spleen, rt and lt subdiaphragmatic areas, subhepatic and lesser omental sac, small bowel and mesentery) then correlated with surgical findings (surgical SPCI) regarding accuracy and clinico-surgical applicability.

Results There was a high level correlation between CT SPCI and surgical SPCI for the all sites with highest correlation for region 2, 4, 6 and lowest one for region 3. Surgical SPCI was better evaluated than standard surgical PCI for surgeons in an easy and simple way.

Conclusion Surgical SPCI is highly applicable for surgical staging in advanced ovarian cancer .CT SPCI correlates well with surgical SPCI which is an easier way than complicated standard PCI in advanced ovarian cancer.

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