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EP793 Ovarian teratoma – one case report
  1. D Barrientos Hernandez1 and
  2. M Barrientos Hernandez1,2,3
  1. 1Departamento de Obstetricia y Ginecología, Hospital 2 de Mayo
  2. 2San Marcos University
  3. 3IPSS, Lima, Peru


Introduction/Background The ovarian cáncer is one of the most common ginaecological tumor after breast and uterus tumor, and the most common are benign (80%) and 20% of malign ovarian tumor. The diagnosis was performed with physical exam. and Abdominal Ultrasound and to complete the study was requested the abdominal. CT Scan and blood tests, It was an Open Surgery with resection of the left ovarian TERATOMA (8 cm) with PERITONITIS management during the surgery, drenages was needed.

Methodology A single woman of 33 y,o, with no historical diseases, no medication, no deliveries, IMC 25%, came to the E.R. with lower abdominal pain, and went to Surgery after Ecography and abdominal CT Scan done,blood test: leucocitosis,with Neutrophylia, fever, and high PCR, HB.: 12.We decided open surgery because of the big size of the tumor (8 cm) and we managed the complication of the teratoma (peritonitis).

Results The Ovarian Teratoma (size 8 cm) and a left plastrom was removed by open surgery, and abdominal drenages needed.

After surgery, the patient had SEPSIS (hypotension, tachycardia, hb: 9, PCR: 500, and Saturation of Oxygen low: 89%), she went to ICU and required Ventilation, central i.v line,antibiotics, fluids, She was at the intensive Unit for 4 days.

The serum CA 19,9 was 9,000 U/lt, CA 125; 365 and the histopathology study was BENIGN TERATOMA.

Conclusion The ovarian germinal cells Teratoma (benign) is the most common type of teratoma, and peritonitis isnt a common presentation, (0,2%), but our patient did. The Laparotomy is the first choice but in our patient the key for Pritonitis complication management was the Open Surgery.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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