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EP701 Risk of clinically overt venous thromboembolism in post-operation gynaecological cancer patients: data from a Hong Kong tertiary hospital
  1. YKV Chai and
  2. KKL Chan
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Introduction/Background Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) is known to be a common complication of cancer surgery. In view of this, various international guidelines recommend prophylactic peri-operative anticoagulation for this population. However, there are controversies on whether this should apply to Asian population in whom the VTE risk is perceived to be lower. We retrospectively reviewed the post-op VTE rate in our population whom more than 95% were Chinese or Southeast Asian.

Methodology Women underwent laparoscopic (conventional and robotic) or laparotomy procedure for malignant or suspected malignant gynaecological pathology during 2012–2016 under gynae-oncology team of Queen Mary Hospital were identified by the Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting System of Hospital Authority. According to our clinical protocol, no routine pharmaceutic thrombo-prophylaxis would be given unless there is any past history of VTE or any medical conditions that require long term anti-thrombotic treatment. There is no routine post-operation biochemical or imaging investigation for non-clinical VTE. Ultrasound Doppler scan of limbs or computed tomography of pulmonary arteries would be arranged if there is clinical suspicion. Amongst these women, those who subsequently diagnosed with clinical venous thromboembolism within 30 days post-operation were identified by the aforementioned electronic system. The medical records of the women with VTE were reviewed for the clinical characteristics.

Results In the five years, there were 494 laparoscopic and 494 laparotomy procedures performed respectively. Two women who underwent laparoscopic procedure and five women underwent laparotomy procedure were diagnosed to have VTE. The incidences were 0.4% and 1.0% respectively. Table 1 showed a summary of the cases.

Abstract EP701 Table 1

Summary of the VTE cases

Conclusion The post-operation VTE rate in Chinese women with gynaecological cancer was lower than that of the Western population, which had been reported to range from 4 to 38%.

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