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EP581 Tissue fibrinolysis and VEGF in tissues of uterine myoma combined with breast cancer
  1. T Moiseenko,
  2. L Kozlova,
  3. E Frantsiyants,
  4. M Vereskunova,
  5. L Rozenko,
  6. N Chernikova,
  7. M Adamyan,
  8. V Bandovkina,
  9. I Kaplieva,
  10. K Boyko,
  11. V Gurnak,
  12. M Ilchenko,
  13. E Agarkova,
  14. D Spiridonova and
  15. M Ezhova
  1. Rostov Research Institute of Oncology, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation


Introduction/Background The significance of plasminogen regulators and VEGF in cancer has been proven, but is poorly studied in combined uterine and breast pathology in the perimenopausal period. Our purpose was to analyze the fibrinolysis system and VEGF in uterine myoma alone (UM) and combined with breast cancer (BC+UM) in perimenopausal patients.

Methodology The study included perimenopausal patients (49.3±3.5 years) with UM (n=24) and BC+UM (n=17). Comparison groups: endometrial cancer (EC, n=21, T2N0M0) and BC (n=34, T2N0M0). Controls: intact breast (IB, n=16) and myometrium in UM resection line (the norm N, n=14). Levels of uPA-Ag, uPA-act, tPA-Ag, tPA-act, plasmin (P), plasminogen (PG) and VEGF were studied by ELISA.

Results In UM alone, uPA, tPA and VEGF were equal to N; P and PG were 1.8 times higher N. In EC alone, uPA-Ag and uPA-act exceeded N by 3.5 and 1.6 times, tPA-Ag and tPA-act by 1.5 and 2.4, P and PG by 5.0 and 1.5, VEGF by 5.7 times. In tumors of BC alone, uPA-Ag and uPA-act were higher than in IB by 6.5 and 4.5 times; tPA-Ag and tPA-act by 2.1 and 1.5; P and PG by 4.5 and 1.7; VEGF by 84.6 times. In BC+UM, uPA-Ag and uPA-act in BC were higher than in IB by 10.6 and 5.5; tPA-Ag and tPA-act by 3.8 and 2.7; P and PG by 4.1 and 1.2 (p<0.01); VEGF by 179.0 times. In UM tissues in BC+UM, uPA-Ag and uPA-act were similar to N, tPA-Ag and tPA-act exceeded N by 7.7 and 1.4; P and PG by 6.5 and 1.7; VEGF by 2.0 times.

Conclusion In BC+UM, cancer affects fibrinolysis and VEGF in UM: tPA, P and VEGF increase compared to N. The direction of changes in tPA, P, PG and VEGF in UM are similar to EC alone.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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