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EP574 Long term results of endometrial cancer stage Ib G1–2 treatment
  1. S Mavrichev and
  2. A Shushkevich
  1. Oncogynecology, N.N. Alexandrov Cancer Center of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus


Introduction/Background In retrospective study asses long term results of treatment 548 patients with intermediate risk endometrial cancer in Belarus.

Methodology In a retrospective study, we include results of treatment of 548 patients with intermediate risk endometrial cancer. We analyzed data from the Belarusian cancer register. Stage and sub-stage aligned with FIGO, 2009.

Results The overall, cancer-specific and disease-free survival rate was 83.7±1,6; 91,2±1.2; 88.4±1.4%. Extarfascial simple hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy combined with radiotherapy such as extra-beam radiation therapy showed the best results of treatment. Adjuvant extra-beam radiotherapy after pelvic lymphnode dissection didn’t affect the survival rate and as the results are impractical. Chemotherapy didn’t improve the treatment results in the studied group. Despite the fact that treatment of EC stage Ib G1-2 In Belarus is standardize, we find the difference in survival rate between different regions. So, 5-year overall survival rate between regions with the highest and the lowest survival rate is 25% and the 5-year disease-free survival rate is 20%.

Conclusion In regions where the survival rate is the lowest, we should pay attention to the technique of operation, regimen of radiation therapy and equipment for radiation therapy.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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