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EP489 The outcomes of 146 women with surgically staged endometrioid endometrial cancer(EEC): a five years experience from tata medical center, kolkata
  1. B Chakraborti,
  2. S Gangopadhyay,
  3. J Bhaumik and
  4. A Mukhopadhyay
  1. Gynaecologial Oncology, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India


Introduction/Background Endometrial cancer is on rise in developing countries with change in socio-economic conditions. Obesity is identified as commonest association along with metabolic co-morbidities. Surgery remains the most important treatment for the endometrial cancer.

Methodology Clinical, surgicopathologic, recurrence and follow up data of 146 stage I–IV patients with EEC undergoing surgery at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata were collected rerospectively and analyzed in a descriptive manner. Studyperiod was from 2011–2016. Patients operated outside and unstaged patients were excluded. Study analysis: SPSS (Vs 23.0). Multivariate/Univariate, Kaplan Meier test and Cox regression analysis done.

Results Average age of diagnosis of EEC in the clinic was 58 years. Obesity was common with an average BMI of 30 (range 11–48). Seventy six percent of patients had some comorbidity with diabetes being the commonest. Performance status was good. Open surgery were done in 92 patients (63%) and laparoscopy in 54 patients (36%). Seventy one percent of patients were FIGO stage I (IA 39%; IB 32%). FIGO grade 1 accounted for 48% of FIGO stage IA and 19% patients of stage IB. The thirty day post-operative mortality was 0.68% only. Recurrence rate was 8.9% (13 patients). Total 60 patients received vaginal brachytherapy and 12 patients among them also received external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). Another 3 patients received only EBRT and 24 patients received chemotherapy. One hundred and thirty four patients are alive and on follow up, 4 expired and 8 patients defaulted.

Conclusion Surgical staging and adjuvant therapy resulted in excellent prognosis in EEC patients with 8% and 10% recurrence in early and late stage respectively.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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