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EP460 Uncommon case of fallopian tubes teratocarcinomas in 36-year-old female
  1. K Rasoul-Pelińska,
  2. M Czech,
  3. M Bobiński,
  4. J Kotarski,
  5. A Czekierdowski and
  6. W Bednarek
  1. I Department of Gynecological Oncology and Gynecology, Medical University Lublin, Lublin, Poland


Introduction/Background Teratomas are type of germinal neoplasms derived from multipotential cells, may contain one to all tree germ layers. Usually localised in ovaries and testis due to migration of primary embrionic germ cells in developing embryo, mature teratomas found in other abdominal/pelvic locations are an extremely rare case.

Methodology A 36-year-old patient reported to the doctor for routine gynecological examination. In transvaginal ultrasound a ‘small cystic-solid change in the right ovary’ was detected. The Ca-125 level was 29.1 U/ml. The patient was sent for a consultative examination to the ultrasound specialist. He found unchanged left ovary, and under it irregular form with mixed echogenicity. In the right adnexa was cystic-solid lesion with a highly vascularized solid field. The patient was referred for minimally invasive surgery. Next obtained results of laboratory tests: Ca-125 20,03U/ml and HE4 50 pmol/l. There were found unchanged uterus and ovaries, intraoperatively but both fallopian tubes were pathologically chanaged. The right fallopian tube was sent for an intraoperative study, giving a result suggesting teratocarcinoma of the fallopian tube.

Results The histology revealed bilateral teratocarcinomas. Currently, patient stays under clinical surveillance.

Conclusion In conclusion, teratomas of fallopian tubes are rarely encountred findings still should be considered in the differential diagnosis of extragonadal abdominal masses.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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