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EP411 The evaluation of recurrence in vagina after surgery in gynecological cancer after surgery and compare surgery alone to surgery and radiotherapy
  1. E Telka1,
  2. M Cieślak-Steć2,
  3. K Szczepanik1 and
  4. P Chimiczewski1
  1. 1Department of Radiotherapy, Gliwice Cancer Center Institute, Gliwice
  2. 2The Clinical Center of Woman and Child’s Health, Zabrze, Poland


Introduction/Background The aim of the study is to evaluate the results of recurrence treatment after the operation of gynecological cancer in patients not previously irradiated and to compare the recurrent operation with IMRT radiotherapy.

Methodology The subject of the analysis was 121 patients treated surgically for endometrial, cervical, and vulva cancer according to FIGO I–III. The surgical treatment consisted in radical surgery or electro-resection of the vulva with inguinal lymphadenectomy and complementary radiotherapy IMRT 50,4Gy in case of recurrence in the pelvis after surgery. Late effects were assessed according to the EORTC/RTOG scale. The comparison of both treatment techniques was made on the basis of χ2 and Mann-Whitney analyses.

Results Local recurrence after surgical treatment in patients not initially irradiated after surgery was found in 21 patients, which resulted from technical difficulties in performing an effective reoperation with obtaining adequate oncological margins.No patient was diagnosed with local recurrence after surgery and IMRT radiotherapy The surgical technique had an impact on the incidence of postoperative complications.

Conclusion Radiotherapy is a better therapeutic option in the prevention of local recurrences in pelvis compare to surgery alone.

Radiotherapy treatment with intense modulation of the IMRT radiation beam allows reduce of late 3 and 4-degree radiation reaction.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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