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EP383 Serum concentrations of s100-a11 and aif-1 are elevated in cervical cancer patients with lymphonode involvement
  1. R Pilka1,
  2. D Stejskal2,3,
  3. G Krejčí2,
  4. M Švesták2,
  5. R Marek1,
  6. J Hambálek1 and
  7. M Maděrka1
  1. 1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Faculty Palacký University and Faculty Hospital, Olomouc
  2. 2Department of Laboratory Biochemistry, Central Moravian Hospital Trust, Member of Agel Holding, Prostějov
  3. 3Center of Laboratory Diagnostics, University Hospital Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic


Introduction/Background The aim of this study was to compare TFF3, AIF-1, S100-A11 and DKK1 serum levels in surgically staged patients with cervical cancer, and in healthy female controls.

Methodology In total 85 consecutive patients diagnosed with cervical cancer stage undergoing radical hysterectomy or fertility sparing surgery with pelvic lymphadenectomy were included in the study. The control group was comprised of 90 patients who underwent elective total hysterectomy for nonmalignant disorder. In all patients preoperative serum samples were taken, separated and the sera were all stored at −80°C until analysis for TFF3, AIF-1, S100-A11 and DKK1.

Results According to the final histopathologic examination, 32 (37,6%) out of 85 cervical cancer patients were lymphonode positive. S100-A11 (p<0.0001) and AIF-1 (p<0.0001) were higher in cervical cancer patients than in controls. Furthermore, S100-A11 (p>0.04) and AIF-1 (p>0.01) were significantly higher in lymphonode positive as compared to lymphonode negative patients. Levels of TFF3 and DKK1 were higher (p<0.0001) in controls than in cervical cancer patients and were not different in groups with or without nodal involvement.

Conclusion S100-A11 and AIF-1 represent potential biomarkers in patients with cervical cancer. Moreover S100-A11 and AIF-1 levels increase in patients with lymph node involvement.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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