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EP372 DoVIA and TeleDoVIA as a documentation and consultation media in VIA methods of cervical cancer screening in indonesia
  1. L Nuranna1,
  2. G Purwoto2 and
  3. A Hadisty2
  1. 1University of Indonesia
  2. 2INASGO, Jakarta, Indonesia


Introduction/Background In an effort to overcome cervical cancer, Visual Inspections with Acetic Acid (VIA) is very important as a screening methode but there is no an adequate documentation that can be used for consultation or discussion among medical practitioners. For this reason, our team jointly developed a method of documentation VIA (Documentation of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (DoVIA)) which uses cellphone’s camera to take pictures of the cervix and Portal Telemedicine of DoVIA (TeleDoVIA), which is a model of photography-based consultation that utilizes telecommunication systems through the Whatsapp Messenger feature.

This study aims to assess the use, understanding and satisfaction of the TeleDoVIA Portal as a medium of communication, consultation, and discussion of DoVIA results and the distribution of user.

Methodology Through a descriptive design, datas are analyzed univariate. The research population is medical practitioners who utilize the TeleDoVIA Portal. In the study period, 82 medical practitioners with 177 DoVIA results were in the form of photographs.

Results Medical practitioners who use the TeleDoVIA Portal are scattered throughout Indonesia starting from the western region (Aceh Province) to the eastern (West Papua Province). 72% work as midwives, and 92.75% work in Puskesmas. About 47.6% stated that they sent DoVIA because they wanted to confirm the diagnosis they had made. They claimed that 100% understand and 100% satisfied with the explanation given by the consultant. The sharpness of cervical photographic images is said to be sharp at 89.27%, only by 10.73% photos that are not sharp enough. A total of 56.5% of diagnoses established by consultants are negative VIA and the suitability diagnosis established by medical practitioners compared to diagnosis by consultants reaches 88.1%.

Conclusion The TeleDoVIA portal is considered to be quite effective as a medium of communication, consultation, discussion and assistance to medical practitioners who have already attended VIA cervical cancer screening training.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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