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EP367 Prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus by cobas 4800 HPV test and the pathologic findings in women with high risk HPV positive in mashhad (North-east of iran)
  1. M Motaghi
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Islamic Azad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran


Introduction/Background The prevalence of infection with Human papilloma virus types 16and 18 in south west of Asia was reported by WHO as 4.4%, 25.1%,46.7% in the normal cytology, LSIL, and HSIL respectively (1). In Iran we have 31,715,925 women in the age range of 15–80 years (2). We have few data about the prevalence of HR HPV in this large papulation. This study was performed to evaluate the prevalence and type specific of high risk HPV in general population and in LSIL and HSIL lesion.

Methodology A total of 325 women from 2015 to 2016 in Arya Hospital(Azad University) that were screened for cervical cancer underwent thin prep and HPV detection by Cobas 4800 in cervical secretions. We determined the prevalence of HR HPV in 24% of 325 and others HPV types in 18.5%, HPV16 in 9% and HPV 18 in 4% of this group of women.

Results Also we found HR HPV in 20% of women with normal pap smears. In women with HR HPV positive, colposcopy and biopsy detected normal pathology in 7%, LSIL in 82%, and HSIL in 11%. In LSIL and HSIL group the most HRHPV was others (72%) and 16(50%) respectively.

Conclusion The present research showed, the prevalence of infection with high risk HPV is as high as other developing regions.While the most common HPV in this region of Iran is Others HPV types but the most sever cellular dysplasia is seen in patients with HPV 16 and 18 positive and Vaccination with bivalent or quadrivalentis effective in prevention of cervical cancer.

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