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EP339 Urologic complications of cervical cancer radical surgery
  1. S Kovachev and
  2. A Ganovska
  1. Gynecology, Military Institute of Medicine, Sofia, Bulgaria


Introduction/Background Ones of the most often serious complications of cervical cancer radical surgery are damages of urinary tract system which healing need multidisciplinary surgical team, prolong hospital stay, are very unpleasant for the patient and expensive as much.

The aim of our study is to establish the urologic complications of radical type C2 hysterectomy.

Methodology This retrospective study included 52 patients with clinically and pathology establish cervical I and II stages cancer threatened with radical type C2 hysterectomy the period of 5 last years (2013–2018). The urologic complications we included in our study are: intraoperative ureter and urinary bladder lesions and postoperative ureterovaginal and vesicovaginal fistulas.

Results From 52 (100%) patients included and passed surgery for cervical cancer, urological complications we find out at 8 (15.4%) of women two (3.8%) of them have preoperative radiation therapy. Intraoperative urologic complications are 5 (9.6%) as followed: 3 (5.8%) lesions of ureter and 2 (3.8%) urinary bladder lesions one patient with preoperative radiation therapy. At four of this complications we form multidisciplinary surgical team (urologist included) to restore normal organ anatomy. Postoperative complications are 3 (5.8%): 2 (3.9%) ureterovaginal and 1 (1.9%) with preoperative radiation therapy vesicovaginal fistulas. All they need surgery to be treated and multidisciplinary surgical team involved.

Conclusion Urology complications are very common after radical surgery (hysterectomy type C2) for cervical cancer. More often they need formation of multidisciplinary surgical team (urologist included) to be treated. Preoperative radiation therapy is a possible predictive factor for common urology complications in our study.

Disclosure Authors declare no conflict of interest. This is an author’s own work.

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