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EP271 Primary cervical melanoma: case report and treatment
  1. I Chelea
  1. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Hospital Universitario de Torrevieja, Torrevieja, Spain


Introduction/Background Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers of the female genitalia in the world. It affects medium-aged and older women above all. Primary malignant melanoma of the uterine cervix is a rare entity characterized by its aggressive development and its poor prognosis. We expose a case of cervical melanoma in an 82 years old woman and its treatment.

Methodology Case report and treatment.

Results An 82 years old woman came to our hospital with vaginal bleeding since several months. There were nothing of interest in her clinical history and she had started menopause at 58. The speculum examination revealed a friable, irregular mass in the anterior lip, measuring 3 centimeters of diameter. The biopsy concluded to a cervical melanoma. TC and PET-CT were performed and they suggested that the tumor was not spread. A radical hysterectomy and pelvic pelvic node dissection was performed. The final stage was pT3b, N0, M0, and the pathological analysis confirmed that the lesion was a cervical melanoma BRAF V 600. She did not receive chemotherapy. Five months after the surgery she referred vaginal bleeding and was diagnosed with local recurrence of the tumor, confirmed by biopsy. On PET-CT one nodule over the vaginal dome was seen, consistent with recurrence, also deposit of tracer in rectum to be evaluated with colonoscopy.

Conclusion Primary cervical melanoma is a rare tumour. The cases are reported in postmenopausal women, with vaginal bleeding. These tumours have a poor prognosis with usual survival of less than 2 years, despite aggressive surgery.

Disclosure Chelea IG: ‘I have no conflict of interest’ Cánovas Morales E: ‘I have no conflict of interest’ Jara Gálvez R: ‘I have no conflict of interest’ Cazorla Amorós E: ‘I have no conflict of interest’.

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