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EP223 Prognosis factors of breast cancer (about 557 cases)
  1. O Omran1,
  2. A Touimi Benjelloun2,
  3. A Iraqi1,
  4. N Benchekroun1,
  5. Z Bouchbika1,
  6. H Jouhadi1,
  7. N Tawfiq1,
  8. S Sahraoui1 and
  9. A Benider1
  1. 1Centre Mohamed IV d’Oncologie
  2. 2Centre Mohamed IV de Chirurgie Oncogynecologique, Hassan II University/Faculté de Medecine et de Pharmacie, Casablanca, Morocco


Introduction/Background Breast cancer is a public health problem in Morocco. The objective of this work was to estimate the survival rate and the prognostic factors related to breast cancer in our context.

Methodology We performed a prognostic study in patients diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at the Mohamed VI Oncology Center at the University Hospital Center in Casablanca. Estimation of survival was performed by the Kaplan Meier method, and the comparison between the different classes of a variable was performed by the log rank test. The study of factors associated with survival was performed by the Cox model.

Results During the study period 557 cases of breast cancer were collected. The percentage of deaths was 18.31%. Overall survival at 5 years was 89.96%. In multivariate analysis, breast cancer survival was statistically associated with a therapeutic delay of more than 3 months (p<0.001), advanced N3 lymphadenopathy (p=0.01), metastasis (p<0.001), stage (p<0.001) PTH was lower for patients not treated with hormone therapy and radiotherapy (p<0.001). The occurrence of recurrence was correlated with a presence of vascular emboli p<0.02), absence of hormone receptors (p=0.008), and advanced stage (p<0.001).

Conclusion An advanced tumor stage and the presence of metastases are factors of poor prognosis of breast cancer, hence the need to strengthen screening programs and early diagnosis.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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