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EP218 The primitive breast cancer at the woman of less than 35 years in Oran from 1996 to 2014
  1. H Messid Bouziane Meflah,
  2. F Bendjelid,
  3. FZ Besbes,
  4. AB Derkaoui,
  5. N Nait Bahloul,
  6. N Guetarni,
  7. F Ammour,
  8. L Mokhtari and
  9. Z Ahmed Fouatih
  1. University of Oran 1 Ahmed Benbella, Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Center of Oran, Oran, Algeria


Introduction/Background The breast cancer is a disease which is more alarming than it is generally more aggressive. The breast cancer ‘of the young woman’, is a cancer occurring at a person of less than 35 years. It is more difficult to diagnose, when it occurs before this age.

The objective of this study is to describe the epidemiologic characteristics of the primitive breast cancer in woman of less than 35 years in Oran from 1996 up to 2014.

Methodology It is a descriptive study of which the data were extracted from the Register from Cancer from Oran which is a register of population going back to 19 years and which is part of the regional network of the Algerian west. The coding of the localizations and morphologies of the tumors is done according to CIMO (CIMO3: International classification of the Diseases for Oncology, 3èmerévision) and CIM 10 (International Classification of the Diseases, version 10). The seizure and the analysis are done by the Edge-reg4 (software bench by the CDC of Atlanta) and Ear-information version 6.

Results Among the 21108 cancers all localizations notified during these 19 years, one finds 623 cases of breast cancer primitive cancer in woman of less than 35 years. The median age is of 30.94±0, 30 years with an extreme 16 years. The most frequent morphology is the canal carcinoma infiltrating followed by the infiltrating ductal Carcinoma and of the Carcinoma lobar SAI.

Conclusion The breast cancer is the first female cancer: among 21108 of all cancer localizations notified during these 19 years with Oran, one retrouve4148 case (either 19.6%) including 623 case at the young woman (or 15,01%).

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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