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EP216 Breast cancer: tissue expander and implant reconstruction
  1. J Mariconde1,
  2. C Biassi1 and
  3. M Arrupe2
  1. 1Breast Unit, IMGO
  2. 2Breast Unit, Sanatorio La Cañada, Córdoba, Argentina


Introduction/Background Breast cancer, the most common malignancy in women, comprises 18% of all female cancers. Eventhough there are detection programs and new detection methods, mastectomy is commun intervention nowadays. We present a two stages reconstruction technique using tissue expander and definitive implants in women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Methodology Tissue expanders and implants are now commonly used in breast reconstruction. The use of tissue expander-implants, is a useful tool en breast cancer, due to the not uncommon association with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In that cae the management team must consider the timing of each treatment.

Results ResultsIn a first step, and at the same stage of the oncologyc procedure, the same surgical team performs the retromuscular pocket to locate the expander. Usually anatomical expanders are used with built-in valves and size according to the reconstructive needs of each patient. Usually, and in case of need to perform radiotherapy, it is performed with the expander placed but not fully insufflated. In a second time, the team performs the replacement of the expander by definitive prosthesis. In this stage, defects generated by the previous intervention or by association with radiotherapy can be corrected. The implants used in this stage are those of anatomical profile and height and projection characteristics according to the patient’s case.

Conclusion The breast reconstruction techniques are a part of the breast treatment, and we strongly consider tha the same surgical team must perform the reconstruction, according to the oncological aspects of each case.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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