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EP215 Less visible approaches in oncological breast surgery
  1. JM Mariconde1,
  2. M Arrupe2,
  3. JA Mariconde3 and
  4. C Biassi3
  1. 1Gynecology Oncology, National University of Cordoba
  2. 2Breast Cancer, Universidad Nacional De Cordoba
  3. 3Breast Unit, IMGO, Córdoba, Argentina


Introduction/Background Breast cancer is a situation that not only affects health but can also affect femininity. taking into account the case, it is feasible to use inconspicuous approaches in conservative surgery for breast cancer.

Methodology We present different approaches for breast conserving surgery: lateral, periareolar, inframmamary fold, axillary, an other situations according to the breat shape, volume and the tumor location and volume.

Results We present different clinical presentations performing less visible approaches in oncological breast surgery.

The tumor location and approach, were as follow:

Lower pole: inframammary fold.

Upper pole: peri or para areolar approach.

Near external quadrants: lateral, axillary or external approach of the inframmamary fold.

Conclusion Using this technques, an oncoplastic result was achieve, with the aim of a better wellness in operated patients with breast cancer.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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