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EP207 Evaluation of miRNA-135a and miRNA-9 as prognostic markers in breast cancer patients
  1. M Gamea
  1. Gharbia Cancer Society, Tanta, Egypt


Introduction/Background Breast cancer remains one of the top threats to women health. The current lack of tumor markers with desirable sensitivity and specificity arises to be a major obstacle towards future management of breast cancer. Many studies are directed to reveal the diagnostic and prognostic potentials of circulating miRNAs in breast cancer.

Methodology Was used Levels of miRNA-135 and miRNA-9 in sera from 126 participants representing two different groups, 40 healthy group and 86 breast cancer patients.

Results Expression of both miR-135 and miR-9 were evaluated in both groups. Regarding miR-9, its expression was higher in case than in control group, however there were no significant differences in expression between the case and control groups when compared regarding age, menopausal status and BMI. Expression of miR-135 was higher in case group than control group, by comparing the two groups regarding age, menopausal status and BMI, there were significant differences. Higher miR-135 expression was associated with older age (age>35 years), post-menopausal and obese women in case group.

The miR-135levels of 27.59 or lesser provided a sensitivity of 90.70%, a specificity of 90% and a positive predictive value of 95.12%, negative predictive value of 81.82%. According to these results, miR-135 had a good predictive ability. The miR-9 levels of 27.59 or lesser provided a sensitivity of 75.58%, a specificity of 80.00% and a positive predictive value of 89.04%, negative predictive value of 60.38%.

Conclusion Our study establishes the role of miRNA 135 and miRNA 9 in breast cancer patients disease progression and prognosis.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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