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P113 Systemic and surgical treatment of adult granulosa cell tumor of the ovary
  1. E Bakhidze,
  2. A Belyaeva and
  3. I Berlev
  1. N.N. Petrov Scientific Medical Research Center of Oncology, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


Introduction/Background Adult granulosa cell tumor (AGCT) are rare non-epithelial ovarian tumors. Main method of treatment is surgical. Role of systemic treatment due to rarity of AGCT and late recurrence still has not determined.

Methodology The data of 93 patients in our institution who were diagnosed with AGCT I-IV stage of the disease between 1980 and 2017 were evaluated. The data were obtained from the files of the patients, electronic database of the gynecologic oncology clinic, operation notes, and pathology records.

Results Stage I disease was established in 51 patients (54.8%), IB - in 6 (6.5%), IC - in 17 (18.3%), II - in 3 (3.2%), III - in 12 (12.9%), IV - in 4 (4.3%). Stage of the disease, the spread of the tumor beyond the capsule and the number of mitoses of more than 10 significantly influenced the OS rates (p<0.05). Relapses were observed in 24.3%. The average time before the onset of the first relapse in IA,IB stage was 134.5 months, in IC stage - 67.4 months, in II-IV stage - 34.3 months. There was no influence of the volume of surgical treatment in stage I disease and adjuvant chemotherapy on DFS and the duration of disease-free period (p>0.05). The duration of the non-progressive period was some, but not significantly more when performing optimal cytoreduction for the recurrence of the disease, and did not depend on the implementation regimen and adjuvant chemotherapy.

Conclusion No significant differences were found in the OS and DFS of patients with AGCT depending on the options of surgical and systemic treatment, which allows to use fertility-preserving operations in patients of reproductive age at IA stage without unfavourable risk factors and only observation after surgical treatment. In case of relapse of the disease intention to perform optimal cytoreduction is justified.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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