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P75 Long-term results of endometrium cancer Ib G3 stage treatment
  1. S Mavrichev and
  2. A Shushkevich
  1. Oncogynecology, N.N. Alexandrov Cancer Center of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus


Introduction/Background The article analyzes treatment outcomes in 370 patients with stage Ia G3 of endometrium cancer.

Methodology We analyzed retrospective data between 2006 and 2010 years. The study include women with endometrium cancer (EC) stage Ia G3. There were’t morphological evidence of myometrial invasion - 55 patients, whereas 315 women had stage Ia G3 EC with myometrial invasion.We used Kaplan-Meier curves to evaluate the 5 years overall survival, cancer-specific and relapse-free survival among patients with and without myometrial invasion. We compare results of treatment between group of patients (151) who underwent surgical treatment (ST) with radiation therapy (RT) and group of patients (191) who underwent ST with RT and adjuvant chemotherapy.(OS).

Results Among patients without myometrial invasion the 5-year overall, cancer specific and relapse-free survival rates were 79.7±5.5; 86.6±4.7 and 84.6±5.0% respectively, whereas patients with myometrial invasion 75.6±2.4; 81.3±2.2. and 78.0±2.4% respectively. In both groups chemotherapy did’t improve survival. Among various combined treatment, the best results were achieved in regimen that included adjuvant external RT on the pelvic area, but onlu in group who did’t undergo pelvic lymphnodes dissection.

Conclusion Chemotherapy does not improve treatment outcomes for patients with EC stage Ia G3., although the majority of relapses manifested as distant metastasis. Combination of ST with RT remains one of the best results. We do’t find any statistic difference between two groups with/without myometrial invasion: overall survival - p=0,526; cancer specific and relapse-free survival rates - p=0,236 and p=0,154 respectively.

Disclosure Nothing to disclose.

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