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214 Cervical cancer under 25 years-old in developed region from brazil: 15-years study
  1. DZ Santos,
  2. ECA Souza,
  3. MCS Toledo,
  4. DB Vale,
  5. JF Braganca and
  6. J Teixeira
  1. University of Campinas, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Campinas, Brazil


Objectives to evaluate cervical cancer rate, stage, histology and survival in women under 25 years-old (yo).

Methods we evaluated the cervical cancer registered in 2001–2015 by age-group, stage and histology based in Hospital Registry of Regional Hospital at developed region from Brazil (Campinas-SP), with 5 million people. The statistical analysis was done by Chi-square test, linear trend test, and survival by Kaplan-Meyer and log-rank test.

Results 2,041 registries were analyzed: 32 (1.57%) with 15–24yo (only 0.29%, 6 cases up to 20yo), 96 in age-group 25–29yo, 164 in 30–34yo and 1,749 in age >35yo. Cases in age >35yo decreased from 94.6% in 2001–03 to 80.8% in 2013–2015, although not significant (p=0.078). There was increased trend in proportion of cancer in younger age-groups (15–24/25–29/30–34yo, p=0.04/0.014/<0.001). Glandular histology had bigger proportion in women 15–24yo (6/32, 19%; 1/6 cases at age up to 20yo) than 25–29yo (11.5%), 30–34yo (14.0%) (p=0.008) Age-group under 25yo had 59% of the cancer in Stage I, while the age >35yo showed 67.1% of cancer in advanced Stages II-IV (p<0.001). Under 25yo the 5y-Survival rate was 76%, better for age 23–24yo (82%) than <22yo (66%), better for SCC (86%) than adenocarcinoma (43%), and for stage I (100% vs 46% for Stage II-IV).

Conclusions diagnoses in age-group under 25yo had increasing trend although there were few cases in age up to 20yo. The proportion of glandular histology and disease in Stage I was higher in women under 25yo than age-group >35yo. Worse survival rate was related to youngers and adenocarcinoma histology.

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