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213 Cervical cancer screening program with primary DNA-HPV test started in 2017 in brazilian city: results after 18 months
  1. J Teixeira,
  2. MG Discacciati,
  3. DDRPL Moraes,
  4. DB Vale,
  5. TT Couto and
  6. LC Zeferino
  1. University of Campinas, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Campinas, Brazil


Objectives Report preliminary results after 18 months of the new Cervical Cancer Screening Program with primary DNA-HPV test (CCSP-HPV), performed at Indaiatuba city, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

Methods Indaiatuba has 240 thousand people with 50% assisted by Public Health System (SUS). Until 2017, CCSP was performed by conventional cytology (∼9,000/year), but with <30% coverage of target women (25–64yo). CCSP-HPV was built based in National guideline replacing cytology by Cobas® HPV Test performed at 5-year intervals. Target population comprehend 28,000 women, and the goals will be to reach 80% of coverage after first round (5y). The CCSP-HPV started in October 2017, and here we present the 18-months results compared with previous years (2011–2016, conventional cytology).

Results We considered 9,974 HPV tests in the CCSP-HPV, 95% coverage at 18-months versus 50,708 cytology tests from 2011–2016. 99,2% of the HPV tests were performed in age-range 25–64yo against 77.3% by cytology (0.5% vs 16.6% before the age of 25). Only 22.3% of cytology screening followed guideline for interval (3y). In general, unsatisfactory samples were <0.5% for both programs. Tests results were negative in 96.7% (n=9,643) for HPV tests vs. 98.3% for cytology. HPV-16 and/or -18 were tested positive in 331 (3.3%), and ‘Other 12-HR-HPV’ in 911 (9.1%), with 254 abnormal cytology exams (2.5% colposcopy referral). Total colposcopy referral was 3.4 times more (5.8%/1.7%) than previous opportunistic screening.

Conclusions Organized screening program with primary HPV test indicated high coverage and compliance of target age-range after 18-months, with less unsatisfactory samples, and more referral to colposcopy.

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