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212 Routine hysterectomy should not be performed after radiotherapy end in women with endocervical adenocarcinoma
  1. ECA Souza,
  2. DZ Santos,
  3. NG Silva,
  4. LF Sallum,
  5. DB Vale,
  6. JF Braganca and
  7. J Teixeira
  1. University of Campinas, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Campinas, Brazil


Objectives To evaluate the prognosis of hysterectomy post-radiotherapy in women with endocervical adenocarcinoma from a university hospital (Unicamp/Brazil), compared to those undergoing exclusive radiotherapy.

Methods Were selected 80 cases of women with endocervical adenocarcinomas FIGO IB to IIIB from 1988–2015, 39 treated with radiotherapy followed by hysterectomy and isolated radiotherapy for 41. Disease-free interval (DFI) and overall survival (OS) were analysed using Kaplan-Meier curves and log-rank test.

Results There was no difference in OS between the groups (P=0.579) or in the DFI (p=0.963). It was observed that the DFI in patients with residual disease was lower, however without statistical significance (P=0.072). Recurrences were observed in 9/39 patients of the hysterectomy group and 10/41 patients of the isolated radiotherapy group. Residual disease in the hysterectomy group was associated with a higher rate of local and distance recurrence (P=0.028).

Conclusions There were no differences in recurrence rates, disease-free interval, and overall survival among the groups, although the detection of residual disease in the hysterectomy was associated with a higher occurrence of recurrences. The findings do not support the routine hysterectomy in women previously irradiated in endocervical adenocarcinoma.

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