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181 Clinical-pathological features and survival in young women with cervical cancer: a retrospective analysis
  1. G Hurtado Estrada
  1. Faculty of Medicine- 21st Century University Campus- National Autonomous University of Mexico, Oncology, Mexico, Mexico


Objectives To determine the clinical and histological characteristics and prognostic factors of cervical cancer in young Mexican patients.

Methods Retrospective analysis of patients younger than 55 years old diagnosed with cervical cancer between 2008 and 2012 in the Oncology Service at the Hospital General de México.

Results 450 patients had epithelial neoplasms. The main histological types were: squamous cell carcinoma (84.9%), adenocarcinoma (11.0%) and adenosquamous carcinoma (2.4%). The average tumor size was 4.98 cm. Anemia (55.7%), elevated creatinine (21.2%) and hydronephrosis (13.8%) were also identified. 82.3% of the patients presented locally advanced disease. Stages IIB (47.4%) and IIIB (25.8%) were the most common. Overall 5-year survival was 59.5% (I, 90.9%; II, 57.5%; III, 42.7% and IV, 13.3%). Elevated creatinine, anemia, tumor size, parametrial involvement and hydronephrosis were factors that affected survival. No significant relation was found between histological type and survival. The presence of anemia (adjusted hazard ratio [aHR]: 2.5; 95% confidence interval [CI 95%]: 1.6–4.0) and hydronephrosis (aHR: 1.6; CI 95%: 1.0–4.0) were independently associated with survival; likewise, the parametrial commitment with (aHR: 3.3; CI 95%: 1.5–7.2) or without (aRH: 2.6; CI 95%: 1.3–5.3) extension to the pelvic bone.

Conclusions Cervical cancer in young Mexicans is diagnosed in advanced stages. Overall survival in each stage is similar to the reported in older patients. The importance of conventional prognosisrelated factors was confirmed.

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