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171 Identification of the forms of use and access to information used by patients in treatment of cervical cancer
  1. B Franca1,
  2. R Samantha Martelet David1,
  3. A Correia Gentil Filho2,
  4. V Oliveira Rezende Sant’ana1,
  5. M Souza Cerveira Pereira2 and
  6. A Campana Correia Leite1
  1. 1Universidade Nilton Lins, Medicina, Manaus, Brazil
  2. 2Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Medicine, Manaus, Brazil


Objectives This study aims to identify the use of the media and access information to women with this type of pathology, in order to bring more information about the subject and knowledge about the forms of prevention to them, in an attempt to reduce the incidence cancer and reduce its mortality.

Methods The methodology used was the application of a face-to-face questionnaire to patients undergoing treatment of uterine cervix of the Center for Oncology Control (FCECE), who were treated on an outpatient basis, with objective questions regarding their communication habits, information media and networks used.

Results 163 women were interviewed. The media and information most used by them are television and television. The programs most assisted by them are: newspaper, soap opera and religion. Of the 139 mobile phone users, 103 use the Whats App® communication application. Regarding the Internet, 107 (65.6%) women have easy access in the region where they live and the subjects they are most looking for on the Internet are health (28%), social network (22%) and news (14%). Regarding the use of Facebook®, 77 of them use it, 79% spend up to one hour on the social network and the content they seek most is entertainment and chat, but 37 of these women also get information and most of them (86%) consider this interesting.

Conclusions It was possible to draw a sociocultural profile of the patients, to evaluate the type and means of information they receive, in order to contribute to the prevention of the disease in the Amazon.

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