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155 Tumor histology as prognostic in locally advanced cervical cancer
  1. D Cantu1,
  2. L Gallardo-Alvardo1,
  3. C Perez-Plasencia2,
  4. LA Herrera-Montalvo1,
  5. O Millan-Catalan2 and
  6. MD Perez-Montiel3
  1. 1Instituto Nacional de Canceroloiga, Direction of Research, Mexico City, Mexico
  2. 2Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Laboratory of Genomics, Mexico City, Mexico
  3. 3Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Department of Pathology, Mexico City, Mexico


Objectives Evaluate tumor histology as prognostic factor in terms of disease-free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) in a retrospective cohort of patients with LACC in a reference center.

Methods Records of patients treated with concurrent chemoradiation at Instituto Nacional de Cancerología of Mexico with confirmed cervical cancer stages IB2-IVA were reviewed. A descriptive and comparative analysis was conducted. DFS and OS were calculated for each histology with the Kaplan-Meier method and compared with Log-rank test, results were considered statistically significant if p<0.05.

Results From 2005 to 2014 a total of 1065 records were retrieved, clinical stages were IB2 76 (7.1%), IIA1 23 (2.2%), IIA1 21 (2%), IIB 597 (56.1%), IIIA 27 (2.5%), IIIB 273 (25.6%), IVA 48 (4.5%) of which 917 (86.1%) had Squamous Cell Carcinoma(SCC), 105 (9.9%) Adeno Carcinoma(AC), 7 (0.7%) Adeno Squamous Carcinoma (ASC), and 36 (3.4%) other histologies. Twenty-four (2.3%) were well differentiated, 778 (73.1%) moderately, and 263 (24.6%) poorly differentiated tumors. Mean Disease-free survival for SCC was 10 years, 9 for AC, and 6.9 for ASC, without a statistically difference (p=0. 365), same findings occurred for OS, mean survival was 11 years, not finding impact of histology (p=0.89). Well differentiated tumors had OS of 100% at 5.8 years which was statistically better when compared with other grades (p=0.032).

Conclusions DFS and OS were comparable among different tumor histologies and was considerably better in well differentiated tumors, other factors should be considered.

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