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145 New approach for cervical cancer and reproductive disorders prevention in women out of target screening group for human papilloma virus
  1. V Artyomenko1 and
  2. N Nastradina1,2
  1. 1Odessa National Medical University, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Odessa, Ukraine
  2. 2Maternity Hospital № 5, Cervical pathology unit, Odessa, Ukraine


Objectives Our goal was to find out the new approach for cervical cancer and reproductive disorders prevention in young women who are not included in the routine screening for HPV.

Methods 100 women 18–22 years old (19.7±1.35) were included. 50 women with congenital transformation zone and cervical dysplasia II-III formed I group. Group II - 50 women with the congenital zone of transformation and cervical dysplasia I. All women mothers’ pregnancy with miscarriage and preterm labor threat due to Progesterone level deficiency and natural progesterone treatment.

Results Group I lab tests: liquid cytology PAP-test: NILM -13 women (26%), ASCUS -21(42%), LSIL -12 (24%), HSIL- 4 patients (8%); detected HPV: 16–18 type -35 women (70%), other high oncogenic types -15 (30%); histological examination verified HSIL in all the patients: among them CIN II - 15 (30%), CIN II-III - 20 (40%), CIN III - 15 (30%).II group PAP test detected: NILM - 12 women (24%), ASCUS -24 (48%), LSIL -14 patients (28%); HPV was not detected; histological examination verified parakeratosis, acanthosis in 38 women (76%), LSIL (CIN-I) - in 12 patients (24%).

Conclusions Due to the state HPV vaccination program absence in Ukraine, the compulsory vaccination of women with a congenital transformation zone is necessary.Taking into account that CINII-III recommended treatment methods are radical and destructive, timely biopsy in patients with a congenital transformation zone to detect acanthosis, parakeratosis and CINI, would prevent CINII-III (groupI) treatment-following complications: infertility, miscarriage, preterm labor, cervix dystocia, cesarean section as well as increased perinatal mortality and morbidity.

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