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143 Residual lesion post cervical conization in cervical carcinoma
  1. S Alessandria1,
  2. J Lange1,
  3. G Torres1,
  4. G Devoto1,
  5. L Diaz2,
  6. S Tatti3 and
  7. A Bermudez1
  1. 1Buenos Aires University Hospital., Gynecologic Oncology Unit, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. 2Buenos Aires University Hospital., Anatomopathologic Unit, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. 3Buenos Aires University Hospital., Gynecologic Unit, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Objectives To determine the presence of residual disease in the radical surgery specimens in patients carrying stage Ia1- Ib1 cervical carcinoma.

Methods Retrospective study, 21 stage Ia1-Ib1 cervical cancer patients were included. Period: 1- 2005 to 12–2018. All were submitted to a diagnostic cervical conization followed by radical surgery.

Results FIGO stage was Ia1 in 4 patients, Ia2 in 2 and Ib1 in 15.Surgical margins were negative in 7 conization specimens (36.4%), among this cases only 2 were positive in the radical surgery (1for HSIL and 1 for a 3 mm invasive carcinoma). Margins were positive in 14 (63.6%) cases; 4 (28,6%) by high-grade intraepithelial lesion and 10 (71,4%) for invasive carcinoma.Radical surgery specimens showed the presence of carcinoma in 7 pts (31.8%) (5 Type C Radical Hysterectomy 71,4%, 1 trachelectomy 14,3% and 1 Pelvic Lymphadenectomy 14,3%), HSIL in 1 hysterectomy (4,5%), and absence of residual disease in 15 cases (68,1%) (10 Type C Radical Hysterectomy 73,3%, 1 hysterectomy 6,6% and 3 trachelectomy 20%).Age above 34 years, postmenopausal state, presence of symptoms, positive margins in the conization and stage Ib were associated with a higher incidence of residual lesion in the radical surgery specimen

Conclusions Variables like age, hormonal status, and positive margins and histological type of the tumor are factors to be considered in the prediction of residual postconization lesion.

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