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142 Detection of sentinel lymph node in patients with early-stage cervical cancer of patent blue, in gynecologic oncologic unit, OSECAC
  1. N Adriana,
  2. F Gomez Cherey,
  3. C Romina,
  4. T Gabriela,
  5. L Jimena,
  6. C Levit and
  7. S Alessandria
  1. OSECAC, Gynecologic Oncology Unit, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Objectives To evaluate the detection percentage of the sentinel lymph node (SLN) and its location. Determine whether performing only SLN reduces morbidity.

Methods This is retrospective descriptive study. Between Jan/2015, and Sep/2018. 61 women with CC were operated (epidermoid and adenocarcinoma lineage). 19 Mini Invasive Surgeries (MIS) and 42 Radical Histerectomy Type C (ARHT) were performed. 41 cases, SLN detection (MIS 19 and ARHT 22) were performed. In 37 patent blue was injected for SLN detection. Of these, in 32, the pelvic lymphadenectomy (PL) was completed in addition to the SLN detection and in nine patients, only the SLN detection was performed.

Results In 4.87% (2/41) did not stain the SLN, in 17.08% (7/41) were detected unilaterally and in remain 78.05% (32/41) they were found bilaterally. In 19.56%, localization was obtained in unusual places (8/41). The patients in PL group had 29.4% (5/20) of complications related with de surgical procedure, in the SLN+PL had 18.9% (6/32) of complications related with de surgical procedure, and the only SLN not have any complication related with de surgical procedure.

Conclusions The SLN allows the detection of the first node in 78.05% bilaterally with 19.56% finding it in non-usual PL sites and with a low rate of complications related to PL. This technique is a valid alternative for centers that do not have the technological infrastructure to implement detection with indocyanine green. These results encourage the initiation of this modality in selected cases. To be able to advance in research lines that increase the detection of SNL.

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