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131 Triple-negative breast cancer: correlation between imaging and pathological findings
  1. I Zemni1,
  2. S Haddad1,
  3. O Adouni2,
  4. J Ben hassouna1,
  5. M Hechiche1,
  6. R Chargui1 and
  7. K Rahal1
  1. 1Salah Azaiez Institute, Surgical Oncology, Tunis, Tunisia
  2. 2Salah Azaiez Institute, Anatomopathology, Tunis, Tunisia


Objectives OBJECTIVE:Although triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) has been studied extensively in the oncology and pathology literature, there are few reports on imaging features. Emerging data suggest that imaging features of TNBC are substantially different from other primary breast cancer immunotypes.This study was designed to investigate the mammography and ultrasound findings of triple-negative breast cancer in a Tunsian population.

Methods From January 2009 to December 2013, mammography and ultrasound findings of 300 female patients with pathologically confirmed triple- breast cancers were retrospectively reviewed. We also reviewed pathological reports for information on the histological type, histological grade and the status of the biological markers.

Results Triple-negative breast cancers showed a high histological grade ( Grade III =63%).On mammography, triple-negative breast cancers usually presented with a mass (97,6%) and a focal asymmetry was found in only 2 cases. A spiculated mass represented only 31% of cases. There were no cases of isolated micro-calcifications and associated microcalcifications were noted in 11% (N=33) of cases. The presence of microcalcification was not correlated with ductal carcinoma in situ associated to the infiltrating carcinoma.On ultrasound, the cancers were less frequently seen as non-mass lesions (14%), more likely to have circumscribed margins (66%), were markedly hypoechoic (79%) less likely to show posterior shadowing (12%) and with color doppler showing images of vessels within the tumor in 52% of cases.

Conclusions Our results suggest that the imaging findings might be useful in diagnosing triple-negative breast.

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