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124 Breast cancer in young women: clinico-pathological features of 27 cases
  1. D Bacha1,
  2. A Ben Amor2,
  3. K Saffar2,
  4. O Belkacem1,
  5. S Ben Slama1,
  6. A Lahmar1 and
  7. S Bouraoui1
  1. 1Mongi Slim Hospital, Pathology Department, Tunis, Tunisia
  2. 2Mongi Slim Hospital, Gynecology Department, Tunis, Tunisia


Objectives Analyze the clinico-pathological features of breast cancer occuring in young women under 30 years.

Methods We retrospectively studied 27 cases of histologically confirmed breast cancer, collected during 8 years, in gynecology and pathology departments of our institution. All patients were under 30 years of age at diagnosis. Clinical data, pathological investigations and outcome statistics were analyzed.

Results The average age in our series was 26.5 years. Discovery of a breast nodule was the predominant clinical symptom (80%) with an average consultation time of 8 months. Tumor size was > 5.5 cm in 60% of cases. The tumor was T4 in 35% of cases and M1 in 3 patients. Treatment was radical and conservative in respectively 60% and 15% of cases. Histological type was an invasive ductal carcinoma all cases, grade III of scarff Bloom and Richardson in 35% of cases. Lymph node involvement was noted in 27.5% of cases. Phenotype profiles was distributed as follows: HER2 in 7 cases, triple negative in 8 cases, luminal A and B in 6 cases each. Chemo and radio therapies were performed in respectively 90 and 95% of cases, Hormone and targeted therapies were performed in 40% and 25% of cases respectively. Recurrences were noted in 25% of cases, distant metastases in 45% of cases and disease related dealth in 12% of cases. BRCA1 was positive in 5 patients.

Conclusions Breast cancer in young women seems to be highly heterogeneous and has potentially aggressive and complex biological features.

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