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454 Fallopian tube cancer
  1. T Tsintsadze,
  2. T Charkviani and
  3. S Charkviani
  1. Universal Medical Centre – National Oncology Centre. Tbilisi. Georgia, Gynecology- Oncologist, Tbilisi, Georgia


Objectives The aim of the study was to investigate the rare type of malignant tumours of womens genitals for identifying optimal methods of prevention, detection and special management of fallopian tube carcinomas.

Methods The rate of appearance of fallopian tube carcinomas varies between 0,13% and 2,8. During 48 years (1969–2017) 15707 operations of malignant tumours were performed at our clinic. Diagnosis of fallopian tube carcinoma was confirmed only in 56(0,36%) cases and every time during the operations. 18 patients (32,1%) underwent operations with the diagnosis of ovaries tumours; 12(21,4%) - with carcinoma corpus uterus and 26(46,4%) - with uterine and ovarian tumours. The youngest patient was 34, while the oldest - 78 years old. Patients were aged from 30 to 39 (5,5%), 18,2% were up to 40–49, 41,8% - from 50 to 59; 27,3% from 60 to 69 and 7,3% were over 70.

Results According to classification, offered by us, I stage was diagnosed in 19(33,9%) patients, II stage - in 5(8,9%); III stage - in 29(51,9%), IV stage - in 4(7,1%). The tactics of management of fallopian tube carcinoma is operation-chemotherapy or operation-radiotherapy, 49 patients underwent post-operative chemotherapy, 7 patients had radiotherapy.

Conclusions The evaluation of remote results revealed, that of 56 patients 14 died within the first year following the operation. 5 years survival rate did not exceed 30%.Low incidence of fallopian tube carcinomas in some cases is explained by the fact that they are attributed to advanced forms of ovarian carcinomas.

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