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434 Are the complications after lymph node groin dissection for the treatment of vulvar cancer correlated to drainage system? Comparison of siliconized penrose and porto VAC
  1. A Dias-1,
  2. MB Sartor Faria,
  3. R Cesar Signorini Filho2,
  4. R Truffa Kleine1,
  5. A Luis Costa Ennes1,
  6. L Pizzinatto Micelli1,
  7. L Souza Sandon1,
  8. M Wagner1,
  9. E Vieira Luna Mayerhoff1,
  10. J Paula Carvalho1 and
  11. E Chada Baracat1
  1. 1Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo, Gynecology Oncology, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. 2Hospital Pérola Byngton, Gynecologic Oncology, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives The aim of this retrospective case control study is to compare the efficacy of vacuum accessorized drain system to the siliconized penroze drain for the groin.

Methods From 2011 to 2019, 66 of 120 patient from the Outpatient Clinic of Gynecological Oncology Cancer Institute (ICESP) with advanced vulvar cancer were submitted to groin lymphadenectomy. The patients were divided in two groups: a) siliconized penrose drain (case group), b) vaccum accessorized 4,8 mm drain (control group). Each patient had the groin dissection and the drain systen exteriorized by a medial common incision on the pubis, linked to a colostomy bag. The efficacy of the drainage was determinate by the following variables: infection, dehiscence, bleeding, lymphocele and day of hospitalization.

Results There was no diference in total number of complications (31,4% case vs 35,4% control). Specific complications such infection (28,6% case vs 9,67% control), bleeding (0% case vs 3,22% control), dehiscence (0% case vs 6,45%control) and lymphocele (8,5% case vs 19,3% control) were also not statistically diferent. Rehospitalization, however, was signficantly diferent (0% case vs 22,5% control, p<0.0001), as tumor size (39,46 mm case vs 50,34mm control, p=0.01).

Conclusions Although the complications rate were similar, vacuum accessorized drain systen presented more index of lymphoceles, dehiscence and hospitalization days than siliconized penrose drain.

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