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404 Uterine sarcoma: patients profile assisted at hospital santa marcelina, são paulo – from 2001 to 2017
  1. V Canezin Galletto,
  2. M Darc Cavalcante Brandão,
  3. T Gomes de Almeida,
  4. C Baltazar de Sousa and
  5. M Tavares e Silva
  1. Hospital Santa Marcelina, Saúde da Mulher, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives Represent the epidemiological profile of patients, with diagnosis of sarcoma, that are assisted at a public service of são paulo.

Methods Electronic chart review of 45 patients followed at the oncology gynecology of santa marcelina hospital between january 2001 to september 2017.

Results Were attended patients aged between 32 to 84 years (mean: 56,6 years). Vaginal bleeding was the most common symptom in 71,1% of cases, followed by pain with 28,8%. The majority of patients were submitted to surgery 80% of the cases, with adjuvant therapy in 80% (31 of 36) of the sample. The prevalent histological types: leiomyosarcoma in 51,1% of the cases; undifferentiated sarcoma in 22,2%; endometrial stromal sarcoma in 20% and adenosasarcoma in 6,6%. Among the submitted to surgery, 52,8% relapsed, with similar rates (25 - 27,7%) between local and distant recurrence (most common: lungs), with a 66,6% death rate.

Conclusions Uterine sarcomas represent 3 to 8% of malignant uterine neoplasms. It is known for your aggressive behavior, poor prognosis, with high rates of local and distant recurrence. The age range of patients equals the findings of bibliographic reference centers, around 55 years old, postmenopausal vaginal bleeding is the main symptom. The histopathological profile equates the reference on leiomyosarcomas, endometrial stromal sarcomas and adenossarcomas, and increased on the undifferentiated sarcoma outcomes (> 10%). Sarcomas are prone to hematogenous dissemination especially with pulmonary involvement. The recurrence rate is more than 50% of the cases found, as the pattern of the disease in the world literature.

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